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Em que cenário surge a Motrix

How did Motrix come about?

In the realm of educational operations, technology’s role has evolved to become a cornerstone, addressing the daily technological needs of all participants within the school ecosystem. Concurrently, educational strategies have pivoted to evidence-based methodologies, necessitating enhanced processing of educational data.

This shift signifies a fundamental change: technology has transcended its supportive role, emerging as an indispensable strategic asset for the entire learning community.

E quais são os desafios mapeados

What challenges are we facing?

  • Incompatibility in Systems: Present-day curricular frameworks (such as BNCC, IB, Common Core, among others) are not systematically aligned with the functionalities of learning platforms.

  • Lack of Standardization: The language used across curricular documents to outline learning objectives lacks uniformity and clarity.

  • Inadequate Coverage: The BNCC framework, while pivotal, is not comprehensive enough for mapping entire school curricula as it concentrates only on fundamental aspects. Schools often aim to surpass these foundational elements, requiring more extensive curricular content.

Então qual a resposta para esses desafios?

So what’s the answer?

Interoperability and pedagogical intelligence!

How does
Motrix do it?

Motrix has developed a curriculum-agnostic framework that establishes a unified language across different educational technologies, fostering clear and detailed communication that is accessible to school administrators, educators, and parents alike.

The framework not only provides pedagogical terminology but also serves as a common foundation for dialogue between educational institutions and families.

We've also created an innovative tool that facilitates the design of curricula and translates it into software functionality, allowing for the seamless integration of educational solutions—essentially offering pedagogical interoperability as a service.

Framework is a universe of knowledge

Curriculum Design involves selection

Curriculum Design involves sequencing

What are
the benefits?

  • Unified Language: Our framework uses micro-skills to create adaptable curricula that meet all educational standards across various contexts.

  • Detailed Curriculum Design: The granular nature of our micro-skills-based framework yields valuable insights from the data produced by integrated educational technologies.

  • Data-Driven Learning: Extensive datasets support an evidence-based educational approach, fostering learning experiences that significantly enhance outcomes.

  • Integrated Educational Solutions: The adoption of our framework ensures robust pedagogical consistency across all aspects of education within a school system, including curriculum design, content development, lesson planning, assessments (whether it is diagnostic, formative or summative), and tutoring services.

  • Seamless Integration: The shared pedagogical language we've established allows for the smooth introduction and implementation of new educational solutions.

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Our approach enables the aggregation and comparison of educational data not just within a single school chain, but across multiple networks, both domestically and internationally.

  • Enhanced Parental Engagement: The clarity and effectiveness of our framework facilitate more informed and meaningful discussions with parents regarding their children's learning journey.



"The integration of the Systemic Bilingual curriculum into the Motrix platform means a deep dive into everything that technology has to offer in terms of adherence to BNCC and other international curricula. While the identification of skills and micro-skills is only a sneak peek into a vast universe waiting to be explored, a vast array of possibilities opens up, from the creation of congruent pedagogic patterns and activities to the development of an evaluation system based on each micro-skill taught. The Systemic-Motrix partnership represents a digital transformation in pedagogy and puts us, once more, on the cutting edge of bilingual education. "
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Vanessa Tenório e Fátima Tenório

Creators and Directors

"Right from the word go, Motrix has helped to build an ample and solid product. While BAYA fosters creative learning through interdisciplinary activities based on Design Thinking, Motrix tools help us establish an interdisciplinary curriculum, supporting teachers’ and learners’ experiences, increasing engagement and strengthening learning.
An agnostic curricular framework has brought us an easy, intuitive way to develop and connect essential skills and micro-skills at every stage of our journey."
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Denis Fujii

Proprietor and CEO

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Ricardo Prado Schneider

Guilherme Paes


Head of Growth

Approximately 20 years of experience in educational technology for schools and educational...

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Computer engineer and project manager, joint owner of an investment holding company Square Knowledge Ventures...

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CSO – Chief Scientific Officer

The recipient and the nominee of several national and international awards, listed by Forbes and Nature as one of The 20 Most Powerful Women...

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